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About Us

“Trek” is a South African word. “Trekking” means a journey on foot especially through mountain areas for pleasure or sport. The subject “History” is mostly an avoided subject in school days, but as you walk through fort walls, caves, memorials they start communicating with you, and with that you start experiencing a deep level of connect with the places and experience a deep level of satisfaction. Moreover, the history of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is so thrilling and inspiring that we feel like saluting these forts and monuments. Sahyadris has always been a challenge for trekkers in Maharashtra.

Trekking is considered to be a part of adventure activities. It involves visiting remote areas, lodging in tents under relatively lesser comfort. It is done for adventure and exploring new areas. Trekking means to travel with slight difficulty to enjoy the flora and fauna, the lovely creatures, to discover life in remote areas and so on. Trekking can teach you many lessons that can’t be learnt from books and these lessons eventually prove to be very useful in our day to day life.

Trekking is a healthy activity that improves your fitness level, and it keeps you happy & healthy, though certain amount of caution is required to avoid miss-happenings. If you are physically fit, trekking is the sport waiting in line for you. No prior special training is required for trekking but to enjoy trekking, you need to love walking, have passion for nature and love for creatures of this living world.

Trekking and adventure activities creates the spirit of adventure among the participants, and it channelize their energy in the right direction. It is frequently said that if one comes out of his house and has contact with nature in any way, it will enrich his outlook, build his character and teach him to live with fellow nature lovers so that he ultimately can become good a person

MOUNTAIN QUEST offers classic treks in our beloved country which is no less than heaven on earth. Starting one day treks in Sahyadri we move up to Himalayan Treks. We undertake corporate events, jungle safaris, adventure activities viz. rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing, rafting, paragliding etc. For nature enthusiasts, we offer wildlife camps, Safaris in National Parks and Sanctuaries, Bird watching and Nature trails. We do undertake special treks as per your convenience as well. Family trekking is our specialty.

MOUNTAIN QUEST cares for your loved ones like you would do. We have well trained Gents and Ladies instructors who take care of your safety on treks. Eco friendly trekking is yet another specialty on MOUNTAIN QUEST. We offer various types of trekking, right from basic trails with easy level of difficulty to moderate to difficult level of treks. Our members have scaled many mountains. Our following members scaled Mount Everest, the dream peak of every mountaineer. 1. Chetan Ketkar 2. Tekraj Adhikari 3. Sachin Deng

We are proud of our members who have unfurled the flag of MOUNTAIN QUEST atop highest peak of the world. We are confident you also might be one of the achievers in future.

Before furnishing further information about our activities, please note that we are not a travel company having a commercial purpose. We are a voluntary organization dedicated to trekking & adventure sports. The main aim of MOUNTAIN QUEST is to teach the young generation to connect with nature and to inculcate in them leadership qualities, sportsman spirit and co-operation.

Nature has a lot to offer. You just need to get away from your routine, step into nature, enjoy your trek and free your mind of the daily worries. You will come back refreshed, re-energized, your fears conquered and you again get ready to face further challenges.